Learning & Teaching

Learning and Teaching

learn-teaching-259x300At St. Pius X Parish School, we provide an educational program which encompasses the development of the whole person, offering learning experiences which encourage the child to develop their skills and knowledge and an ability to apply these to their everyday living.

We aim to foster the child’s initiative, their desire to learn and their ability to work creatively and co-cooperatively. Integrated with this knowledge and personal experience, we aim to foster the Gospel Values in a Faith community. We encourage each child in self-acceptance and in respect, care and concern for others, to enable each to participate happily in the society and culture in which each lives.This requires a holistic approach to the development of the individual.

Quality of Relationships

The quality of the relationships between teacher and child and the child and their peers is of utmost importance to the child’s development and self esteem. We recognise the importance of developing a child’s sense of self worth and ability to believe in themselves through their own successful achievements.

Parent/School Partnership

Learning within our school is one part of the child’s education. Parents are the primary educators of their children and the school complements this educational role.

The child’s performance at school is strongly influenced by parental attitudes and expectations, therefore the interests of the child are served best when there is collaboration, co-operation, understanding and mutual respect between the school and home.

We encourage all parents to become fully involved within the School. An invitation is extended to you to offer your assistance in any way possible, e.g. reading, conference writing/typing, excursions, art/craft, sport, mathematics, computers and library – covering, mending, cataloging books.

Parents are asked to direct any concern regarding the School to the appropriate person – Parish Priest, Principal, Class Teacher or School Advisory Council Member. If you have suggestions regarding the development of our school, we would be interested to hear them.



The St Pius X Parish School Community acknowledges the Gunditjmara / Marr Nation people who have educated children on these lands for thousands of years.