The Jungle Book Kids

Only 13 sleeps until our talented performers take to the stage on September 14th. This week we have been performing in the large hall on the stage and puting the performance together as a whole. Our backdrop sets are being constructed and we are thinking about how we use the space of the stage.

This week we are sharing some links to past productions. Click on the links below to relive some of our great past productions!


We ask all students to please have their performance clothes, clearly labelled in a plastic bag. They will need to be brought to school as soon as possible. Hopefully all classroom and choir costume requirements have been examined by families. They are published again below.

Prep: Monkeys

Black tee shirt (can be long or short), 

Black pants, leggings or shorts.

Yr 1 - 6: The Jungle

Black, brown or dark pants / shorts 

Black , brown or dark top (long or short)


Black, brown or dark pants / shorts

Black, brown or dark top (long or short)