Rethinking Learning and Teaching Environments

On Monday February 22, our school has programmed a pupil free day to enable staff to continue their learning in the ReLATE model.

ReLATE is designed to: 

  • Reduce stress, disengagement, disruption and exclusion, increasing hope
  • Build a greater understanding of the impact of stress to guide policies and practice, enhancing safety
  • Equip staff, students and families with better communication, emotional management and self-care skills leading to improved learning
  • Strengthen relationships between students and their families with other families and school staff

The ReLATE Model is founded on education, trauma and systems theory, informed by the work of Dr Sandra Bloom and her colleagues, the organisational change model called Sanctuary. Extensively adapted and further developed for Australian schools by MacKillop Education Services, ReLATE has been implemented successfully in MacKillop schools and education services over the past six years, in response to the impact of childhood trauma and chronic stress on health, wellbeing and learning. 

The ReLATE Model combines sensitivity to culture, gender and diversity with understanding of trauma to create safe communities in which all individuals to thrive – whether students, their families, school leaders, teachers, support staff and others in the school community. 

ReLATE provides a values-based framework for reducing or preventing the effects of stress, as well as a set of practice tools to achieve and sustain change. These values: Nonviolence, Emotional Intelligence, Open Communication, Democracy, Social Learning, Social Responsibility and Growth and Change are grounded in the Gospels and strengthen the Catholic School identity.



The St Pius X Parish School Community acknowledges the Gunditjmara / Marr Nation people who have educated children on these lands for thousands of years.