The Jungle Book Kids


All leading cast members will have costume items provided to them. The remainder of our classroom cast members will need only simple items as listed below:

Prep: Monkeys

Black tee shirt (can be long or short), 

Black pants, leggings or shorts.

Yr 1 - 6: The Jungle

Black, brown or dark pants / shorts 

Black , brown or dark top (long or short)


Black, brown or dark pants / shorts

Black, brown or dark top (long or short)

Sets and backdrops

Our production crew is beginning to make props for the stage for our play and is looking for some cardboard boxes to make a wall. We have started using Hello Fresh boxes and we need more of these.  If you get Hello Fresh meal boxes delivered, or know someone who does, could you phone the school office if you are able to save them for us. We will collect them from your residence.  


See the links below to the music and lyrics to the Jungle Book Kids. Students are welcome to practise at home as well!