Hot off the Prep Press!!

Miss O'Keefe

For the last 2 weeks we have been lucky to have Ms Georgia O’Keefe teaching us in the Prep rooms. Georgia is studying to be a teacher at Deakin University and we have loved getting to know her. She has taught us lots of different things and she is always helpful, kind and gentle. We can’t wait to see her again in Term 3. Thanks for all your hard work, Ms O’Keefe.

Easter Excitement

This week we have been extremely busy but in lots of fun and creative ways. We have made an Easter sentence, we have labelled an Easter bunny, we have made an Easter basket, we have read lots of Easter stories and we have danced the Easter bunny hokey pokey and the Easter Boom Chicka Boom. What a great way to end Term 1!!!

Reading Eggs

Today we have started our Reading Eggs program using an i-pad. We have our own special log-in and password and we can learn about how to read both at school and at home. We can’t wait to collect lots of golden eggs as we learn all our letters, sounds and words.