Warrnambool City Athletics Carnival Results.

It was great to see so many of our representatives successful in their events and it was exciting that our school came third overall.

We are most proud of the reports that we got from parents, staff and the wider community who attended the day.  The feedback was that the children from St Pius X displayed excellent sportsmanship, encouraged and supported not only each but their competitors as well and had lots of fun.  Well Done Team!

A big thank you to Mr Alexander and his team: David White, Xavier Mills, Brenda Balash and Olivia Lindsay.

  • Angus McKenna: 2nd in discus. 
  • Austin Francis: 1st in 10 year old shot put.
  • Kurtis Blain: 3nd in 12/13yo high jump.
  • Holly Woodward: 2nd in 1500m run,3rd in high jump and 3nd in the 10 year old relay.
  • Jess Kent: 2nd in high jump and third in 11 yr old 800m run.
  • May Ballie: 3rd in high jump.
  • Tommy Stebbins: 3rd in long jump.
  • Zahli Best: 2nd in long jump, 3rd in the 100 metre sprint and third in the u/10  relay.
  • Tessa Maher: 3rd in the 12/13  long jump.
  • Isaiah Dawson: 1st in shot put.
  • Pippa Dufty: 3rd in the 10 year old relay.
  • Luke Harrison: 2nd in the 12/13yo 100m sprint.
  • Zoe Everall:  2nd in the 11yo 1500m run.
  • Rosie Kelly: 3rd in the 10yo relay.  

    Congratulations to all our representatives at the Warrnambool Athletics Carnival:

    Hamish Corbett, Naomi Kishinaka, Charlea Macleod, Oliver Miller, Jack Cushion, Dylan Verspay, Beau Allen, Charlotte Thompson, Maya Anderton, Kate Martin, Matt Harrison, Lewis Haberfield, Luca Rodgers, Felicity White, Eli Santamaria, Freya Corbett, Benjie Balash, Brax Alford and Darcy O'Shannassy.

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